Why ComputorEdge Software Showcase?

I may be compensated through the links in the post below, but the opinions are my own.

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Software Partners with Something Special to Offer

As I started marketing my AutoHotkey books with ShareASale, I realized that signing up as an affiliate constituted one of the best ways to learn and evaluate the system. After all, it costs me nothing to signup and, who knows, I may just make a little money? At the time, I didn’t realize just how many businesses use ShareASale to advertise.

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I began exploring the ShareASale list of thousands of merchants finding it long and sometimes tedious. While looking for partners who I might represent on ComputorEdge.com, I narrowed my search to software companies—still finding literally hundreds. I realized that the site could only support a select few of the possible software merchants. Adding too many banner ads to ComputorEdge.com would only junk up the space. I decided that I would only apply to the best of the best for partnership.

I make my selections for ComputorEdge Software Showcase by first reviewing the list of software merchants, them picking the ones which look the most interesting and/or useful to me. I check out the sites and if I get that good vibe, I apply to become any affiliate. If accepted I add the software company to my list of partners. That’s the reason I set up this blogging site, ComputorEdge Software Showcase. I needed a place where I could tell everyone why I added the new partner.

I already do Jack’s AutoHotkey Blog and run ComputorEdge.com, but putting software reviews in an AutoHotkey wouldn’t be appropriate and the main site isn’t set up for reviews. I established this blogging site, ComputorEdge Software Showcase, as a place for highlighting those who I deem worthy of my time and this space.

So far, I’ve established relationships with two software services: Grammarly and The Linux Foundation. I plan to blog about each in that respective order. Unlike other sites which power out product releases at breakneck speed, experience tells me that I can talk about maybe one or two new partners a week. (I continue to work on my AutoHotkey blog and other important activities, such as, writing AutoHotkey books and making jam.) If you check back on a weekly (or monthly) basis, then it should be easy to stay caught up.

One of the criteria for my adding software to this site includes either the existence of a free version or a try-before-you-buy sample. I may not purchase the product myself because I don’t belong to the target market, but I promise that I won’t put anything in this blog which I don’t consider worthwhile. I don’t have the time to waste on trivial products. I won’t add any software product just for the possible advertising revenue.




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