Improve Your Vocabulary with this Innovative Thesaurus

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Add to Your Lexicon With Visual Thesaurus—A Different Way To Look At Words from Thinkmap

androidcartoonWe tend to lean on particular words. People easily recognize our preferences by the way we use them—over and over again.  It may not be that noticeable when speaking, but when written,
redundant expressions jump off the page. Anyone who’s serious about writing (or self-improvement) needs a good thesaurus.

While most thesauruses help eliminate the overused words by including plenty of alternative synonyms, they often merely display an alphabetized list—not necessarily grouped by meaning. Now Thinkmap offers a different approach to finding the best English substitutions.

Enter a word and Visual Thesaurus presents a network of associated words as shown below. When first displayed, the word web moves and repositions itself—as if adjusting to the new environment. Centered in the middle of the screen, lines run from the primary expression to dots connecting to possible synonyms.

Right-click on the word and Visual Thesaurus offers audio pronunciations and searches for more definitions and images.

Right-click on the target word for a menu with selections for an audio pronunciation and Internet or images searches. Hover the mouse cursor over one of the connecting dot for an associated definition.

Hover over a connecting dot to read the definition or click to access a new tree.

Click on the connecting definition dot and an entirely new tree centered on the definition dot presents itself while connecting to other possible meanings. Click on any word and produce yet another new tree.

You can check this out for yourself by doing a test run at the Visual Thesaurus site. The free trial quickly times out, but you can run it again by reopening the site.

This type of thesaurus might help budding wordsmiths to find more accurate synonyms while expanding their vocabulary. It’s certainly more fun than merely looking up words in an online thesaurus.

Any student who’s reached the paper writing age would find navigating Visual Thesaurus beneficial. The natural linking of words and definitions makes the process an exploration rather than a required drudge.

From Thinkmap:

Who uses the Visual Thesaurus?

Copywriters use it as an idea generator. Writers use it to get unblocked. Students use it to improve how they read, write and think (not to mention prepping for the SAT). Marketers use it to come up with names. Teachers use it to energize their classrooms. Professionals use it to spiff up their PowerPoints. You can use it for all these reasons, or just to have fun in exploring the interconnections of language.

Only you can tell if Visual Thesaurus is right for you and your family or business. If I still had students in the house, I would consider purchasing a subscription just for them. For the individual, $2.95 gets you one month or $19.95 an entire year. Get Visual Thesaurus for the entire family for $29.95 per year. The subscription includes their “online magazine, updated daily with fresh content. Informative features explore everything from how writers find inspiration to how words and phrases become part of our lexicon.”

Visual Thesaurus not only acts as a useful writing tool, but it educates in a cool, fun way.


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