Free AutoHotkey TypingAid App Works in All Windows Programs

The Free AutoHotkey TypingAid Script Adds Word Choice to Any PC Program

While an AutoHotkey app,  you don’t need to know anything about AutoHotkey to add the useful word recommendation pop-up, TypingAid, to your Windows and PC Web editing programs.

Here is an app of note written in AutoHotkey. Posted by an AutoHotkey forum member who goes by the moniker Maniac, the script is called TypingAid Word AutoCompletion Utility (also found at the current AutoHotkey forum). It can help you to quickly select the right word with the proper spelling while saving your keystrokes. It offers pop-up word suggestions—a familiar feature found in many word processors, text editors, and on mobile devices. As you type a word, TypingAid displays a menu of possible options (see Figure 1).


Figure 1. TypingAid offers a list of suggestions. Hit the number key, click on the word, or use the cursor arrows to select the word.

Since the provided EXE files run without help from AutoHotkey, you can take advantage of TypingAid Word Completion Utility without installing any additional software. However—even though the EXE file is perfectly safe—it gives me peace of mind to compile the source AutoHotkey file (AHK) into an executable file (EXE) myself. That way I can look over the code before running it.

If you’re new to AutoHotkey and want to learn a little more about it, see our Introduction to AutoHotkey for Beginners! If you want to see even more ideas about how to use AutoHotkey (many are very simple, yet powerful), see Free AutoHotkey Scripts and Apps .

What makes TypingAid unique is that, since it is written in AutoHotkey, it works in any Windows document editing program or any browser text editing window on the Web. Plus, you can tailor it by editing a preference file to work with only certain programs while excluding others. Like the other typing assist programs, it can learn what words you use most as you type.

AutoHotkeyThis AutoHotkey app can be downloaded at the linked AutoHotkey Web page. It has two compiled versions (32-bit and 64-bit)—depending upon your computer, one of which is probably your best bet. The AutoHotkey source script is available, which you can compile yourself. If you don’t compile and move the AHK file from the Source folder, then make sure to move the Includes folder and the Lib folder (Library) to the same working folder as the AHK script file.

The app automatically creates the Preferences.ini file—containing all the settings—the first time you run the script, although not the Wordlist.txt file which holds the words offered as suggestions. (You can get started by using one of the downloaded word lists by changing its filename to Wordlist.txt and placing the file in the same folder as the AHK file or compiled EXE file.) However, if word learning is set on, any word typed enough times gets added to a WordlistLearn.txt file when exiting the app.

There are a number of word lists available for download at the linked page. (They are also downloaded as a bundle if you opt for the AutoHotkey source code.) As mentioned above, if you download one of these lists, place it in the folder with the program, and change the name to Wordlist.txt. Then, it loads when the script launches.

I noticed that one of the word lists is for AutoHotkey code. This can be extremely helpful for getting AutoHotkey syntax right (see Figure 2). Just replace the Wordlist.txt file with a copy of the AutoHotkey code list.

TypingAidFig-2Figure 1. TypingAid can be used in AutoHotkey script writing by using the AutoHotkey code list provided as the Wordlist.txt file.

I found TypingAid very intuitive. Click on the word, hit a number key, or arrow to the proper word and press ENTER. There are instructions on the linked Web page and the Preference.ini file is well documented. To change your preferences, open Preference.ini with any text editor (Notepad?) and read the instructions with each setting. Save the file and reload TypingAid.

This app may not be much help if you type at high speeds. However, for those who keyboard a little slower or find themselves spelling challenged, TypingAid offers great benefits. I currently keep the script loaded to see how much I’ll use it. I have hit a number key a couple of times to complete a word.

For anyone who does a great deal of writing—whether in English or computer code—TypingAid may be just the right app for making things easier. Plus, you can come up with your own jargon list suited for your business. I should probably add this one to my blog “Why AutoHotkey for Students?


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