Free AutoHotkey TypingAid App Works in All Windows Programs

The Free AutoHotkey TypingAid Script Adds Word Choice to Any PC Program While an AutoHotkey app,  you don’t need to know anything about AutoHotkey to add the useful word recommendation pop-up, TypingAid, to your Windows and PC Web editing programs. Here is an app of note written in AutoHotkey. Posted by an AutoHotkey forum member who goes by the… Read More Free AutoHotkey TypingAid App Works in All Windows Programs

Why ComputorEdge Software Showcase?

I make my selections for ComputorEdge Software Showcase by first reviewing the list of software merchants, them picking the ones which look the most interesting and/or useful to me. I check out the sites and if I get that good vibe, I apply to become any affiliate. If accepted I add the software company to my list of partners. That’s the reason I set up this blogging site, ComputorEdge Software Showcase. I needed a place where I could tell everyone why I added the new partner… Read More Why ComputorEdge Software Showcase?